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Our Services

We are a full-service independent retail pharmacy with friendly, well-trained staff. 


We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to the communities of Joaquin and Logansport. 


In addition to filling your prescriptions in a fast and efficient manner, we provide services such as medication therapy management, over-the-counter medications, pharmacist consultation, and immunizations. 


We accept both Texas and Louisiana Medicaid.

Services Provided

  • Medication Adherence

    • We provide consultation and tools to help make sure you remember to take your medication at the correct times and in the correct way​

  • Medication Therapy Management

    • We (usually through the request of your insurance) may contact you to go over all of your medications, which is known as a comprehensive medication review, or CMR​

    • Sometimes we may contact you to discuss changes or additions to your medical regimen that may benefit your overall health.  This is always done in coordination with your doctor.

  • Private Consultations

    • Our pharmacists are always available for questions about prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and general questions that we can sometimes answer when your doctor is too busy​

  • Flu Shots and Other Immunizations

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